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Best Ads Free Text Editor

Everyone have text files in their phone. And hence you need a good text editor to perform the task of opening the file and edit it. And I’m sure you are using one or two of the apps and annoyed because of the ridiculous ads of those apps. This is the problem of android free apps or you have to upgrade to the paid version. But there are some other apps which can do the work as you want and are free of all type of ads. I’m trying to make a list here…

Turbo Editor: [Rating:4.1 Download]

Turbo Editor

Turbo Editor is a fast free lightweight opensource text editor for android. It can manage almost all of your needs. It is ideal for editing HTML document too, the special characters appear in a row, so you have not to search those in keypad and hence save your time. It has Super cool theme with Material Icons, this is Optimized for both Smartphones and Tablets. It Supports for every type of text files. You have the option to Go To Line and Line Numbers, can handle large size files and the auto save feature is great.

Notepad Free: [Rating:4.5 Download]

Notepad Free

Notepad Free is a very simple and lightweight app that uses less resources and handy to use. It has simple features and handy to use. Creating and editing text notes, sharing notes with other apps, widgets allows quickly edit notes.

Simple Notepad: [Rating:4.3 Download]

Simple Notepad

It is also a free and fast app with lots of features and ads free. It has features like Reminder setting, widget shortcut, customization, convert note to checklist, attach pics from camera and gallery, changing title color, upload to popular cloud storages, pin to status bar as reminder and voice input.

Notepad: [Rating:4.3 Download]


It is the simplest text editor/text viewer app. Everyone can use it simply and its also without any ads. Simply open text files and work on them.

Fast Notepad: [Rating:4.5 Download]

Fast Notepad

This is also a simple and fast app and ads free too. It can take notes from Ok Google command, it loads instantly because lightweight, you may give it a try.
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