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Smartphone users always worried about the speed of their phone. In this ultra modern era everyone wants to be as fast as possible, and hence they wants their phones also work as smooth as possible. The cache memory and RAM are the key points on which speed of every gadgets depend. But we can not play with the cache memory, and so we want to clean up the RAM every time, and want to make it free as much as possible (Many one say that it’s a misconception). So we hunt down RAM cleaner app from google play, but you are aware that how ridiculous these apps are. Too too much ads make them nothing but useless and annoying. Banner, popup even prompting to download other apps. So I think you should use an app which can do what you want actually. And here is some good example…Droid Optimizer: [Rating:4.5 Dowmload]

I think this app can do what you want without a single ads or app referals. It also works like an antivirus too. Accelerate your system memory, clean junk files and optimize your device. Terminate foreground and background apps automatically, you can set timer for automatic routine cleaning. Empty the system and application cache. Clear your browsing history for better privacy. Stopping background apps it help save your battery power hence enhance your battery life. It also comes with a built in app manager and app advisor. So you may try it out now.

Sd Maid-System Cleaning Tool: [Rating:4.5 Download]

SD Maid is really a maid for your android. It comes with more features than the previous one. It lets you brouse your whole device and manipulate your files with a multi functioning file explorer. Remove junk files, duplicate files and manage apps (user installed and system apps). Search files by name and type, and shows your memory structure. You can run scanning and deleting cache files on routine basis automatically.

Cleaner :[Rating:4.2 Download]

Cleaner- this app also comes without any ads, and its lightweight and easy to use. It has special privacy cleaning feature. It can cleanup your browser’s browsing history, Youtube search history, Google search history in google app and google play search history. Cleaning junks and stopping background apps it also enhance your battery life. Its a worth trying app.

Norton Clean, Junk Removal: [Rating:4.7 Download]

You can remember the name, It comes from Norton. It is fast free lightweight and ads free with effective and fast cleaning and it help you get rid of the bloatwary other Fake RAM cleaner apps loaded with tons of ads. It help increasing your memory space by cleaning junks, duplicate files and residual files. Helps save your battery power and increase battery life. Its a newly released app, lets try it out.

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