Ad Networks for Beginners Which are Instantly Activated (approved) on Signup

Best Ad Networks To Make Money Online Easily

Are you a new blogger started blogging recently and want to earn some money from your blog.

Then you might search in web about “How to make money online” and found thousands of results about the topic. You will see that AdSense is the best choice for most of the small publishers, but if you read the long very long “Terms and Conditions” of AdSense program then you might frustrated, and violating one of those so called terms and conditions can result banning of your AdSense account.
The condition of six months old website for Indian and Chinese bloggers is also painful. In this 6 months time you can earn some money too. You will get many AdSense alternative programs list in many websites, but I am listing some programs that have no waiting time or verification process so you sign up there your account approved and ads activated on your blog. No waiting time no verification process no traffic requirement.

But honestly these type of ad programs are for content hosting sites like movie download or torrent download sites, and ads from these sites are mainly pop up or pop under ads. And these type of ads can reduce your reader’s  interest. So you may have to sacrifice this.

Now let mention some of them:


AdMaven is a good ad network with good payout and with multiple payment options too. The approval process is very easy too. Go to their website and fill up the form, they sent a link to your email, activate this and you can put your website url and start earning money placing ads. Before my AdSense account I personally used Admaven for this blog. The dashboard is also great and easy to use, and you will get a personal account manager who is ready to reply your queries via email.

Ad formats: Pop-Under, Interstitial, LightBox, VPN Banner.
Ad Type: CPM, CPC.
Minimum payout: $50.
Payment Options: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer.
Payment Frequency: Net30.



PopAds started their program in 2010, they provide popup ads to publishers. There is no minimum traffic requirement and no restriction (they offer ads to all types of sites as like porn sites and illegal sites like gambling and drug campaigning sites). The minimum payout is very low and supports auto-withdrawal option. For the approval process you have to signup first and put your website url. They will review your site and approve it within almost 24 hours.

 Ad formats: Pop-Up, Pop-Under.
Ad Type: CPM.
Minimum payout: $5.
Payment Options:PayPal, Payoneer.
Payment Frequency:No limit! When you earn the minimum amount you will get paid automatically.


PopAds redirects mobile users to Playstore which is very irritating and may affect your user experience.


ClickAdu is also a good choice for small and new sites. This program offers pop-under CPM ads. ClickAdu approval process is very easy your blog will be approved instantly, within almost 24 hours.
Clickadu offers various payment options.

Ad formats: Pop-under.
Ad Type: CPM
Minimum payout: $100.
Payment Options: Paxum, Payoneer, E-Payments, Epese, Webmoney. Wire transfer,
Payment Frequency: 30



Propellerads is a CPM ad network which is also a good choice for newbie and small sites having lower amount of traffic, because it has no minimum traffic requirement. The minimum payout rate is also low $25 and they have many payment options.

 Ad formats: Pop-under
Ad Type: CPM
Minimum payout: $25
Payment Options: Payoneer, Webmoneyz.



Bidvertiser is a very old ad network offering various ad-formats and lower minimum payout having no minimum traffic requirements and a number of payment options.

Ad formats: CPM, CPC
Ad Type: Pop-up, Banner And more
Minimum payout: $10/ $20/ $50
Payment Options: Paypal, Cheque, Wire Transfer
Payment Frequency: 30



Infolnks is a trustworthy ad platform serving long time and popular for in-text ads, that means it convert certain words or phrases to ad-links and when user click on these links you can earn money. Medium traffic bloggers can get approval for Infolinks, minimum payout is $50, and they pay publishers timely.

Ad formats: In-Text
Ad Type: CPC
Minimum payout: $50
Payment Options: Various.


Revenue Hits:

Revenue Hits is a different type of ad program which pays the publisher when a user register himself or herself on advertisers link, such as signing up or filling up a form etc. the pay per action is high and you may income a large sum of money with this.

Ad formats: Various
Ad Type: CPA (Cost Per Action)
Minimum payout: $50
Payment Options: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire


So I think you will get a opportunity to earn money from your shining new website and start incoming money today.

But again I remind you these are not a good option for quality websites.

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