Amazon OnePlus 6 Quiz Answers 23 May (New Quiz) Marvel Avengers Edition Today

Amazon running OnePlus 6 quiz Marvel Avengers Edition from 23rd May to 20th June. You can win a OnePlus 6 Marvel Avenger Edition smartphone answering Amazon OnePlus 6 Quiz today. OnePlus 6 Marvel Avengers Series Quiz Amazon Answer Today 23 May.Marvel Avengers OnePlus 6 Quiz Amazon Answers. Amazon app quiz OnePlus 6 app quiz Marvel Edition Answer. OnePlus 6 App Quiz Amazon Marvel Avengers Edition Answers. Find all Answers of Amazon OnePlus 6 Marvel Avengers App Quiz OnePlus 6 Answer here.

Amazon OnePlus 6 Quiz Marvel Avengers Edition Answers 23rd May:

Amazon OnePlus 6 Quiz AnswersDQuestion1. Which of the following is NOT a feature of the OnePlus 6?

Answer: Levitation

Question2. When will the OnePlus 6 Marvel Avengers Limited Edition go live on sale on

Answer: 12 PM, 29th May 2018

Question3. The OnePlus 6 is powered by which Operating System?

Answer: Oxygen OS

Question4. Which of these is the correct RAM and memory configuration for the Marvel Avengers Limited Edition of the OnePlus 6?

Answer: 8GB / 256GB

Question5. What is the dual camera configuration of the OnePlus 6?

Answer: 16MP + 20MP


How to Participate in this Amazon OnePlus 7 Quiz Marvel Avengers edition Today and win a OnePlus smartphone – 23 May:

Amazon India frequently run quiz contests on their official shopping app, as Quiz Time quiz, or Riddles quiz or Super Value Day quiz and many sponsored quizzes.
Participating in these contests you can win the Prizes assigned for each contest.
All you need to participate is the official Amazon Shopping App and answer the all questions of amazon quiz today, no purchasing is necessary, if you haven’t installed the app yet then download the app now clicking HERE (Android) And click HERE (iOS). Sign in to the app And you can see the banner of Amazon quiz of that day or currently running quizzes.

To Win Amazon OnePlus 6 quiz Marvel Edition  today 23 May  You must have Amazon Official Shopping App in your phone, if you have not the official amazon shopping app then Download the latest version of official Shopping app from either play store or Apple App store from the above links according your phone OS, and sign in. After signing in if you cant see the Quiz Banner then scroll down untill you see the Quiz Time banner. Click on Quiz Time Banner and you will fond all running quiz contests on Start the contest and Answer the Questions. After answering all the questions correctly a congratulation page will appear, to see the winners list click HERE.



Do You Need to Tweet With #AmazonOnePlus6Quiz To Win Rs. OnePlus 6 Quiz Amazon?

You Need not to Tweet with #AmazonOnePlus6Quiz to win Amazon OnePlus 6 Quiz , Answering the Questions Correctly You are eligible to Win a OnePlus smartphone, but if you want to show your interest about Amazon OnePlus 6 Quiz you may Tweet with the tag.


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