[With Video] Amazon Oreos Maze Quiz Contest Answers How To Play Contest 27 June

Amazon Oreos Maze Contest Answers Win Rs. 5000, How To Play Amazon Oreos Maze Contest, Oreos Maze Contest Answers Amazon, Play And Win Amazon Oreos Maze Contest Win Rs. 5000 And Rs. 1000. Here Is How To Play And Win Amazon Oreos Maze Contest 27 June:

Amazon Oreos Maze Quiz Contest Answers:

Amazon Oreo Maze Quiz Answers Win Rs 5000Step 1.  Amazon Oreos Maze Quiz


Sign in to Amazon App And click on the Quiz banner. After click you can find three taste options namely 1. Chocolate, 2. Strawberry, 3. Vanilla. Click on Your Desired option and proceed. You will see a square maze with a product clue, watch it carefully.

Step 2. Amazon Oreos Maze Quiz (Find the product on Amazon.in):

You have to find out the product hinted in the Maze. So Hit the search bar and search the product you have seen in the Maze.

Click on the product displayed in search result you will see The Oreos Logo And “Congratulations! You solved a puzzle. Click here to proceed” Click on the link again and repeat the process.

Step 3 Of Amazon Oreos Maze Quiz :

You will be returned to the Maze page again, (you have to solve 5 Mazes), again look at the maze carefully and search the product. You Have to complete 5 such steps in total to solve the contest and then you have a chance to win Rs. 5000. Watch The video and solve the Amazon Oreo Maze Contest win Rs. 5000.


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