How To Get 10 GB Free Data On Jio Celebration Offer

How to get 10/ 8 GB free data on Jio celebration offer (With Proof):

Jio Free 10 GB Data Offer

Jio Offering free 10GB Data to it’s customers to celebrate company’s 2nd anniversary. Since Reliance Jio launched on 5th September 2016 its now  celebrating its second anniversary.

Jio Celebration offer 2018:

Offer is given for free to Jio customers with a 5 days period offering daily 2 GB of data.

Time to time Jio offers numerous offers and promotions to its customers. And now Jio rolled out this Celebration pack free offer.

Many sites telling that Jio gives out 10 GB data free of cost to it’s customers. Which is not correct.

Actually Jio offering two data vouchers to every customers, each with 8gb of data ( 2 GB per day for four days).  One of the two vouchers will be credited to every customers account within 20 September 2018, and the other within October 2018.

So actually you will get 16 GB of data total from two free vouchers of 8GB each under Jio celebration pack.

Who is eligible for free 10GB Jio data:

Every Jio customers with an active subscription pack are eligible for this offer. To check the offer benefits and data balance you have to install My Jio  app on your smartphone.

How to check free 10GB data balance from Jio celebration pack offer:

How to activate Jio celebration pack 10gb free data

If you have already MyJio app installed on your phone then open MyJio app. Otherwise install MyJio app clicking this link.

Now Open MyJio app, under your active plan amount click View details.

You will be brought to plan details page. Now you can see the details of Jio Celebration Pack under your normal plan details.

Proof of free 2GB per day Jio data:

Here is the proof of Jio free 8 GB data.

Jio celebration pack free data proof

If you can’t see your free 8GB/ 10 GB data in your MyJio account:

If you can’t see your free data in MyJio app then check first if you have an active plan or not, you can recharge your Jio from here with 100 cashback.

If you have an active plan still you can’t see your free data amount, then Don’t be panic or feel angry to Jio. Be rest assured that you will get free data from Jio within 20th September 2018. Enjoi your free data with Jio.

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