Amazon Quiz Mania 2: GK Basics And GK Master Quiz Answers

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Amazon Quiz Mania 2 GK Basics Quiz Answers:

Amazon Quiz Mania GK Basics And Master Quiz Answers

Question 1. Ghirardelli, Russell Stover, Whitman’s, Pangburn’s, Caffarel, Hofbauer, Kiiferle are all brands owned by which chocolate giant?

Answer: Lindt and Sprüngli


Question 2. The 2020 Puri Jagannath Ratha Yatra was attended by a lot of people virtually. Which Indian state hosts this annually?

Answer: Odisha


Question 3. Which country currently boasts the world’s fastest supercomputer – Fugaku?

Answer: Japan


Question 4. Which of these countries do not use the Euro as their main currency?

Answer: Czech Republic


Question 5. Gomti, Ghaghara, Gandak and Kosi are tributaries of which river?

Answer: Ganga


Question 6. The Asterix comics are set in the time of which of these famous rulers?

Answer: Julius Caesar


Question 7. In the DC Comics, which of these female superheroes is a Princess of Themyscira?

Answer: WonderWoman


Question 8. Kushinagar Airport, that has recently been declared as an International Airport, is located in which Indian state?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh


Question 9. Andy Murray is a two time men’s singles winner at which of these events?

Answer: Olympics


Question 10. As per the official website, which Union Territory in India is a group of 36 islands?

Answer: Lakshadweep


Amazon Quiz Mania 2 GK Master Quiz Answers:

Question 1. Where in India is the High Altitude Warfare School located, where the Special Mountain Force gets training?

Answer: Gulmarg


Question 2. Which former Indian cricketer and highest run-getter in Ranji Trophy has been appointed as the head coach of Uttarakhand cricket team?

Answer: Wasim Jaffer


Question 3. Which company has announced an upgrade to their Operating System that enables drivers to use their smartphones to unlock cars?

Answer: Apple


Question 4. Which astronomer at the Vatican Observatory has become World’s 11th Jesuit priest to lend his name to an asteroid?

Answer: Chris Corbally


Question 5. As per the World Bank, which position has India retained in the list of largest economies of the world in terms of purchasing power parity?

Answer: Third


Question 6. Name the new organisation approved by Indian Government on June 24 to ensure greater private participation in India’s space activities?

Answer: IN-SPACe


Question 7. The world’s first yoga university outside India, launched in Los Angeles, USA, is named after ___________?

Answer: Patanjali


Question 8. The Baily’s beads effect or diamond ring effect is a feature of which natural phenomena?

Answer: Solar eclipse


Question 9. Which company is acquiring a 9.9% stake in Jio Platforms, through Jaadhu Holdings LLC?

Answer: Facebook


Question 10. Which Indian company in 2019, acquired the Amsterdam based vacation rental company, the @Leisure Group?

Answer: OYO

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