2 Ways To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently – Simple Steps With Picture

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Billions are using Facebook today – the largest and most popular social media platform in the world. If you are one of them and using Facebook to connect with your friends family and the world but have changed your mind now that Facebook is no longer useful to you and you need not your account anymore then you might want to delete your Facebook account.
You can get rid of using Facebook by two ways, one is Deactivating your account for some time – If you changed your mind later and think to use Facebook again then you can Reactivate your account by logging in to Facebook, all your Facebook data will be intact and untouched.
And another one is to delete your Facebook account permanently, your Facebook account will be deleted and by no means, you can get back your account, all your Facebook data will be lost after a certain time.

1. How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account:

To deactivate your Facebook account login to your Facebook account as usual. Click on the account dropdown menu at the upper right of your facebook page and click on Settings. In the next page click on General and then click on Manage Account in the menu appeared.

Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account
Click on account settings


Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account
Click on settings

Now Click on Deactivate Account. You have to choose the reason why you want to Goodbye Facebook, Choose from the options given there or explain your own reason and then confirm, your account will be Deactivated instantly.




After you Deactivate your account People on FB cant find you and cant see your timeline, But Facebook will keep all your data in case you want to reactivate your account. You can download your facebook data before deactivation clicking Download a copy of your Facebook Data (See Image Above). You can opt out for tagging and recommendations by ticking the box provided during Deactivation process.

2. How To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently:
If you never want to use Facebook again then you may want to delete your FB account permanently, But mind it that you cant reactivate your account again and if in future you want to use Facebook again then you have to create another Facebook account.
To delete your Account permanently Click on this link and then enter your login credentials, like username and password. And then Click on Delete account, fill out the Captcha form.


Your account will be deleted within 1 or 2 weeks, some data like sent messages will still remain on Facebook Server. But all your accounts data will be completely Deleted.

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