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Are you using blogger as your blogging platform? If yes and if you want to help people with providing them blogging tips or ideas in the form of some code snippets, or providing some useful scripts to your readers then you may find that your code snippets are not looking great.

You may have seen before in some websites that their syntax are highlighted with beautiful colors. In wordpress platform it can be done with a number of ways, because various scripts and codes for that purpose can be installed in wordpress. But in Blogger you can not install any scripts.

But in blogger posts you can also make your code syntax colorful and attractive.
Here is the methods which may be useful to you:

1. Embedding As GitHub gist:
The easy way to show your codes colorful this is the simplest way. Simply open an account in github, host your code there, and you will get an option to embed your code to any website. It is the easy and secure way too. Under your code box you will see a logo :
hosted with ❤ by GitHub.

2. Embedding as CodePen Pen:
This is an another way to do your task as you like and it is also simple and easy with some extra feature than GitHub gist. You can show codes and demos of this code within a single box. So this may be a good choice for you to color your code syntax.

If you have any problem like codes not showing or your post texts are invisible than go to post options
and select show html literelly.

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