How To Play Jio Watch Play Win Game And IPL 2018 In MyJio App Free

How To Play Jio Cricket Play Along Contest During IPL

Reliance Jio has recently announced its ‘Jio Cricket Play Along’, a LIVE mobile game that gives you a chance to win prizes worth crores. The offer has been launched ahead of IPL 2018 season. To play the game, users will have to download MyJio app. It can be accessed by all smartphone users in 11 Indian languages. The ‘Jio Cricket Play Along’ game will span seven weeks and 60 matches. Users stand a chance to win a house in Mumbai, 25 cars, cash prizes, among other things according to Jio.
Jio also launched data offer Cricket Season Pack which gives you 102 GB of 4G data for 51 days with a recharge of Rs 251. You can Also play IPL ‘Jio Dhana Dhan LIVE: Never ‘Run-Out’ of Laughter’, a cricket comedy show on MyJio app.

How to play IPL and watch play win game in My Jio app
How to play IPL and watch play win game in My Jio app

To Watch IPL and Play the cricket game you have to download MyJio app first from PlayStore. You can download the app here. If you have already MyJio installed on your phone then you have to Update the App to its Recent version. To update your App click here.
Now After you have installed or downloaded or updated the app open MyJio app. App will seek various permissions grant the permissions and a blue screen will appear. IPL will be played automatically on play time.

To use MyJio as usual see the top right corner of the blue screen, You will find a cross mark touch there and you will see your usual MyJio page inside.

How to play IPL and watch play win game in My Jio app
How to play IPL and watch play win game in My Jio app

If you can’t open Your MyJio app after installation or update then
First try to clear the cached memory of the app from
Now if this does not work for you then try to force stop the app once repeating the above step again, or try Uninstalling And ReInstalling the App.

To play Watch. Play. Win game watch the official video from Jio:


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