How To Change Or Customize WhatsApp Chat Background Color (Wallpaper)

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Almost Everyone who has a smartphone uses WhatsApp. To connect with friends family and more Whatsapp is the most popular chat app. But it’s default whitish background is not attractive and you may try to find a way to get rid of this. With a simple setting option you can change your background color to a vibrant one, you don’t need to have install any third-party app or package compromising your phone’s security. Here is the trick for you:

At first, open the App (Whatsapp)
Do it as usually you open your WhatsApp, then click on the Three vertical dots on the upper right corner (See image below).

WhatsApp Background Change
Click Three dots

Go to settings
After you click on the dots a menu will be opened click on settings on this menu.
Now click on Chats

WhatsApp Background Change
Click Settings


WhatsApp Background Change
Click on Chats

Click on Wallpaper
After clicking on Wallpaper you will see a menu with Five options, namely

WhatsApp Background Change

1. Gallery- Set a wallpaper from your gallery photos

2. Solid Color- Set Wallpaper from a list of solid colored themes

3. Wallpaper Library- Download Official Whatsapp wallpaper library from Google play store to choose fro a wide range of wallpapers for your Whatsapp. This is Officially from Whatsapp Inc (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD).

4. Default- Choose this for default background

5. No Wallpaper- Choose this to use Whatsapp without any Wallpaper

WhatsApp Background Change

Hope you have customized your Whatsapp successfully, Share with your friends.

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