15 Facebook Tips And Tricks Which You Should Never Miss

Best Free Facebook Tricks

Facebook is the worlds largest social media. And surely you spend a lot of time everyday surfing tagging sharing and chatting on facebook. But sometimes you may feel boring doing this repeatedly. I came to you with this post to provide you some really interesting and cool tips which surely help you save your time and make facebook more interesting to you.
Here I’m writing some really cool tricks that you must like.

Now lets trick…

➽1. Turn Your Profile Picture To An Animated GIF (Short Video):
Profile pic is the most important asset of your facebook isn’t it? Lets play with this. Open your facebook mobile app first and login to your account. Select your profile picture and then “Take a New Profile Video“, now you can upload a short video of your own. Then you can see your profile pic as a animated gif with a moving frame.

➽2. Find Out Hidden Emoticon:
Many people said that we are traveling to the pre-historic age with the use of symbols than writing something instead. Emoticons are good to express your thoughts beautifully. Facebook has tons of emoticons, it converts characters to relevant icons too. Like write on your post:

(y)            Result: thums-up
(^^^)              Result: a  white shark
:|]       Result:a robot
:poop:             Result: well, you know
<(“)       Result:a penguin
➽3. Change View Upside Down:

Yaa this is none-the-less a good trick, and you must try it once. You can see your facebook page rotated 180 degree.  All texts except your name will be rotated.
To try this out first go to your Facebook Settings Menu➺ Then Go To Language➺ Click the dropdown menu➺ Select “Upside Down”.
➽4. Change Language To Pirate:
Another funny Tool That you must try out. Follow the above step and select English(Pirate) from the dropdown list- have fun.
➽5. Post An Attractive Post:
When you normally post on facebook pages or walls your posts are not looking great. Here with this you can post as you like. Customize your post and then share it on facebook. Go to Facebook Notes, add photos decorate your post and then publish it.➼6. View Your Activities With Your Relative:
Go to THIS LINK and you will see history of you and the one with whom you have relationship status.
Note: If you haven’t relationship with any one it will go to normal fb page.➼7. Download Total Facebook Data:
Want to download all Facebook data like every image, post, message, activities?
Go to Settings General and click on Download Your All Facebook Data and follow other directions. You can read it offline. You can recover your deleted messages too with this process.

➼8. Peep On Your Friends Relationship:
Are you crazy? Yes with this trick you can do it really! Head to your address bar of your browser type the URL format:
www.Facebook.com/’1st friends Facebook ‘url?and ‘2nd friends Facebook URL’
Note: use without ” and space, and check your friends URL first, otherwise this trick will not work.

➼9. See What Happening In The World Right Now With Facebook Map:
This is a cool feature of Facebook, if you haven’t tried it out then check it out right now.
To use this feature (only desktop users can use)
Go to THIS LINK, you will see map with blue dots spreaded over it, the larger the dots the more popular it is, that means more people watching it. It includes news updates, video or anything.

➼10. Let’s See Who Unfriend You:
Facebook friendship can be ended with a single click! Just click unfriend and you will be no longer friends. Have anyone unfriend you yet? If you have large number of friends then with this trick you can see who unfriend you.
Go to THIS LINK here your friend list will be saved and later when anyone of your friends unfriend you you can find his/ her name easyly.

➼11. Wish Your Friends Birthday At The Right Time Automatically:
You have many friends and everyday is someone’s birthday, but keeping in mind to greet them is some time not possible for your busy schedule, now then its for you.
Go to THIS LINK connect with Facebook, give all the permissions, then you can see your friends birthdays, write messages for them and schedule it you are done.

➼12. Make A Fake Conversation:
Love jokes ? Prank your friends with a fake conversation with some celebrity or other one.
Simply go to THIS LINK
Upload profile picture of first and second person
Enter date and time and get the conversation.

➼13. Share Blank Message Comment And Post:
Want to post blank, message blank or comment? Do it more easyly from your pc just press Alt+0173.

➼14. Stop Facebook Tracing Your Internet Activity:

You have seen Facebook ads on your phone they are tracing you, if you searching for cloths they will show you cloth related ads etc.
But here is the way to stop this
Just Go to THIS LINK and get rid of unwanted ads and tracing.

➼15. Accept All Pending Friend Requests At One Click:
Have you many friend requests pending and you are tired of clicking confirm confirm then try this trick this is awesome.
Go to pending friend requests page then Just type the following script on your browser window address bar.
javascript: var field = document.getElementsByName(“actions[accept]”);for (i = 0; i < field.length; i++)field[i].click() ;

Enjoyed this post then share please and let others know these cool tricks.

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