Amazon Quiz Answers Today Amazon Riddles Quiz Solve Win 9,999 (29 March) Kindle Lite Quiz Solve and win Rs 5,000 (31st March) Amazon Kindle Starter pack Quiz Win Kindle Starter Pack (31 March)

Amazon Riddles Quiz Answers Win 9999

Amazon India frequently run quiz contests on their official shopping app, as Quiz Time quiz, or Riddles quiz or Super Value Day quiz and many sponsored quizzes. Participating in these contests you can win the Prizes assigned for each contest. All you need to participate is the official Amazon Shopping App and answer the all questions of amazon quiz today, no purchasing is necessary, if you haven’t installed the app yet then download the app now clicking HERE (Android) And click HERE (iOS). Sign in to the app And you can see the banner of Amazon quiz of that day or currently running quizzes. After answering all the questions correctly a congratulation page will appear, to see the winners list click HERE.

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Amazon Kindle Starter Pack Quiz Win Kindle Starter Pack (31 March)
Quiz Running Date: 31tst March to 25th April 2018

Question1. Which of the following can you NOT do on a Kindle eReader?
Answer: Make a double espresso shot

Question2. How long does the battery on a Kindle eReader device last?
Answer: Up to 4 weeks

Question3. Other than the Kindle e-reader device, which of these does the Kindle starter pack NOT include?
Answer: Six infinity stones and a light saber

Question4. What is the eBooks discount offer which you currently get with the Kindle Starter Pack?
Answer: 80% off oneBooks up to 1000 INR

Question5. All Kindle eReader have an anti-glare screen.
Answer: True

Amazon Kindle Lite Quiz Today Answers (31 March)
Quiz Running Date: 31tst March to 20th April 2018

Question1. What is the download size of the Amazon Kindle Lite listed on the Google Play Store?
Answer: 2 MB

Question2. On the Kindle Lite app, you can start reading an e-book before it finishes downloading.
Answer: True

Question3. Books in which of these languages are currently NOT supported on Kindle?
Answer: Dhotraki

Question4. How many eBooks are available on the Kindle Store in India?
Answer: Over 5 million

Question5. Which of these is NOT a feature of the Amazon Kindle Lite app?
Answer: Free doughnuts on every eBook you read

Amazon Riddles Quiz Today Solve And Win Rs. 9,999 (30 March)  

Amazon Riddles quiz 30 march today
Amazon Riddles quiz 30 march today

Quiz Running Date: 29th March to 20th May 2018

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Question1. I come once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years. What am I?
Answer: The letter ‘M’

Question2. I can go up and come down without moving. What am I?
Answer: The temperature

Question3. A carpet of rice, flower, sand or petals. What am I?
Answer: Rangoli

Question4. Scratch my head, see me turn from black to red. What am I?
Answer: A match stick

Question5. To throw me, you’d prefer a crowd. What am I?
Answer: A party

Amazon Denim Fest Quiz Today (29 March)
Quiz Running Date: 28th March to 10th April

Question1. As a part of the currently ongoing Amazon Denim Fest, what is the discpunt you can avail on jeans part of this event?
Answer: Minimum 40% off

Question2. Which of these celebrities is currently associated with the brand Jack & Jones?
Answer: Ranveer Singh

Question3. How many styles of Jack & Jones can you find on
Answer: More than 400

Question4. As a part of Denim Fest, you can currently avail a 25% discount at checkout on jeans part of the Spring Summer’18 collection.
Answer: True

Question5. Jean were originally called _____. Fill in the blanks.
Answer: Waist-overalls.

Amazon Pay Quiz Answers Today (28 March)
Quiz Running Date: 28th March to 20th April

Question1. When You pay for orders with cash, you can load the leftover change or additional cash into your Amazon Pay balance
Answer: True

Question2. According to RBI guidelines, you are required to submit an official valid ID number to add money to your Amazon Pay balance. Which of these are officially valid documents?
Answer: Aadhaar Card/ Driving licence/ PAN card

Question3. Which of these is NOT true when you submit your official valid ID number on
Answer: Free trip to space on completion

Question4. Which of these is a benefit of loading cash into your Amazon Pay balance at your doorstep?
Answer: No need to handle change at delivery

Question5. Which of the following can you NOT pay for using your Amazon Pay balance?
Answer: An apartment on Jupiter

Amazon Honor 7X Quiz Answers Today (27 March 2018)
Quiz Running Date: 27th March to 20th April 

Question1. How can you unlock the Honor 7X?
Answer: Face Unlock

Question2. #Honor7xVersusTheWorld is a web series about the Honor 7x. Which action/adventure group starred in this series?
Answer: SquadRann

Question3. Which of these is a feature of the Honor 7X’s Dual cameras?
Answer: Beauty Mode + Bokeh Mode

Question4. Currently, at what price is the 32 GB variant of the Honor 7x available on
Answer: Rs. 12,999

Question5. Honor 7X’s fingerprint sensor unlocks the phone in how much time?
Answer: 0.25s

Amazon Ultimate Ears Speaker Quiz Today (27 March)
Quiz Running Date: 27th March to 25th April.

Question 1. The entire range of Ultimate Ears speakers does NOT have which of the following features?
Answer: Daily astrology predictions

Question 2. The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom speaker can be immersed in a pool.
Answer: True

Question 3. What is the maximum battery life of Ultimate Ears megaboom wireless bluetooth speakers?
Answer: 20 hours

Question 4. How many Bluetooth enabled source devices can be paired with Ultimate Ears Wonderboom?
Answer: 8

Question 5. Which of these speakers do NOT offer 360 degree sound?
Answer: Tweeters

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