Amazon Huawei P 20 Pro Quiz Answers (New) Today 29 June Win Huawei P20 Pro

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Amazon Huawei P20 Pro Quiz Answers Today 29 June:

Amazon Huawei P20 Pro Quiz Answers1. The Huawei P20 Pro comes with an AI-driven photography system. What does AI stand for in this context?

Answer: Artificial Intelligence


2. Sophia is an AI robot, and the first one to get citizenship from any country. Which country granted her its citizenship?

Answer: Saudi Arabia


3. Huawei P20 Pro does NOT use AI in which of these forms?

Answer: AI based in-built espresso maker


4.  With the support of Master AI, the Huawei P20 Pro can identify —-different photography scenarios and adjust its camera settings accordingly. Fill in the blanks.

Answer: 19


5. Which of these is NOT a way in ahich AI helps enhance images clicked by the Huawei P20 Pro?

Answer: Add a rainbow to each photo clicked


How to play and win Amazon Huawei P20 Pro Quiz Today and Win Huawei P20 Pro :

Amazon India frequently run quiz contests on their official shopping app, as Quiz Time quiz, or Riddles quiz or Super Value Day quiz and many sponsored quizzes. Today Amazon Running Amazon Huawei P20 Pro Quiz.

Participating in these contests you can win the Prizes assigned for each contest. All you need to participate is the official Amazon Shopping App and answer the all questions of amazon quiz today, no purchasing is necessary, if you haven’t installed the app yet then download the app now clicking HERE (Android) And click HERE (iOS).

Sign in to the app And you can see the banner of Amazon quiz of that day or currently running quizzes. To win the Amazon App only quizzes you have to answer all Amazon Quiz Questions appeared after you start the contest. Here you will get all Answers of Amazon Quiz Today and of previous days. Scroll down to see answers of Amazon Quizzes of previous days. For other Amazon Quiz Answers Click HERE.
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