Amazon Fashion Refresh Quiz Answer Today 17 June Win Rs. 4000

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Amazon Fashion Refresh Quiz Answers 17 June:

Amazon Fashion Refresh Sale Quiz Answers Win Rs 40001. This American Brand invented ‘Blue Jeans’ in partnership with Jacob Davis in 1871 and recently celebrated 145th birthday of jeans. Which brand was it?

Answer: Levi’s

2. Which of these popular style of sunglasses were originally developed in 1936 for military pilots to protect their eyes while flying?

Answer: Aviators

3. This footwear and apparel brand shares its name with an American wild cat, which also features in its logo. Which brand is it?

Answer: PUMA


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4. The Wardrobe Refresh Sale on offers several  benefits and discounts on clothing, footwear and fashion accessories. When does it go live for all customers?

Answer: 21st June 2018

5. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of shopping from Amazon Fashion during the Wardrobe Refresh Sale?

Answer: Free hugs on every purchase

How to play And Win Amazon Fashion Refresh Quiz And Win Rs. 4000:

Amazon India frequently run quiz contests on their official shopping app, as Quiz Time quiz, or Riddles quiz or Super Value Day quiz and many sponsored quizzes. Today Amazon Running Amazon Fashion Refresh Sale Quiz. Participating in these contests you can win the Prizes assigned for each contest. All you need to participate is the official Amazon Shopping App and answer the all questions of amazon quiz today, no purchasing is necessary, if you haven’t installed the app yet then download the app now clicking HERE (Android) And click HERE (iOS). Sign in to the app And you can see the banner of Amazon quiz of that day or currently running quizzes. To win the Amazon App only quizzes you have to answer all Amazon Quiz Questions zppeared after you start the contest. Here you will get all Answers of Amazon Quiz Today and of previous days. Scroll down to see answers of Amazon Quizzes of previos days. For other Amazon Quiz Answers Click HERE.
After answering all the questions correctly a congratulation page will appear, to see the winners list click HERE.

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